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We are a European digital studio which started as a boutique design shop in 2004 and gradually grew to transform into a global digital agency, in which creativity, technology and media come together.

From a project’s conception to the finishing touches, Chromeye finds the optimal path from planning to execution and delivers an impeccable, well-rounded product. We are experts in providing innovative solutions to the online active industries. Our solutions optimise and add value to our clients’ daily workflows.

We strive to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions and we are proud to be entrusted by some of the key players in their industries to deliver their projects day in and day out. As a pixel-detailed business, we are making every effort to deliver our products and services at the best possible cost and with the quality our clients expect. Our goal is to provide excellent customer support each step of the way and manage our projects so that you feel that our and your interests are one and the same. We are a company that tries to do things right the first time and has the ambition to deliver on its promises.

We feel lucky to be able to do what we love, every day!


Chromeye was founded as a freelance network.

We are a European digital studio which started as a boutique design shop in 2004 and gradually grew to transform into a global digital agency, in which creativity, technology and media come together.

We built and released the first version of our ad content manager Streameye. At the time, it was built specifically to allow Betfair’s marketing team to include live odds in digital ads.

First Streameye Version Released.
First office was rented.

Production started moving predominantly in-house. The idea – to improve reaction time and turn around to clients by getting an experienced core team to communicate internally much more efficiently.

Team evolved to form creative and web assets production divisions.
Streameye v2 was released with complete interface overhaul and the freedom to produce dynamic content and assets banners.

Team Evolved. Streameye 2 was released.
Major digital partner to Betfair.

The team doubled in size as Chromeye became one of the main creative and production agencies for Betfair. Our expertise and efficiency allowed us to take on the additional responsibilities and surpass expectations.

Continuing to expand our team to introduce more services and higher throughput, we needed to find a bigger office. We employed an in-house web applications team, creative and motion designers, banner developers.

Office changed. Bigger teams need more space.
New clients, new opportunities.

In this year, we managed to increase our client base considerably. While in previous years we concentrated primarily on online betting industry, in 2014 we started providing services for a wider range audience. We provided creative services to clients in the financial sector, the beauty and cosmetics industry, the cargo and logistics industry, software services and real estate to name a few.

Chromeye became the primary production partner to Paddy Power Betfair. We moved to our current office. Chromeye Print team was formed. We expanded our services to include motion design and 3D pack shot renders for gaming assets. Streameye became the main acquisition tool of our partners employing in-house team of designers and developers to provide Streameye powered ads.

Double the team, double the fun.
Horizons are expanding.

A 5th generation of Streameye was deployed. Built from the ground up, it takes advantage of the latest web technologies and features an entirely modular design. Our front-end development team is expanding to meet the increased demand. We welcomed new clients from China and Australia!


“Our motivated and inventive team likes to get personal. We are all passionate about our work, and we are good listeners.”

You will work with a smart, dedicated and professional team of designers, coders and project managers, who make your business goals and schedules their own. Our team takes on each assignment wholeheartedly, with utmost dedication, so to guarantee client satisfaction and to support our partners on their way to success.

We will tell you our side of the story and will understand your requirements. Our expert team leaders will find the best approach to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

We know that working distantly is not always easy, and that is why we take every possible effort to maintain speedy and relevant communication with the client right from the start to the very end. The continuous and uninterrupted interaction with the clients is an integral part of our workflow.