How to choose the web design for your ad campaigns

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Creating top performing ad campaigns online can be a challenging task, especially if you are actively using those to grow your business on daily basis. We gathered the Chromeye team of experts and asked them for insights on the topic in our quest to find out what solutions are of key interest for their clients and why.  

What are your recommendations for potential clients when choosing which type of design to work with?

It really depends on what the client wishes to achieve, what the deadlines are, what the client can afford, on the scope of the project and on the target audience and its expectations, on the channels where the assets will be disseminated – print, web (mobile and/or desktop), will there be animation or not, etc.

The important thing here is for the client to be able to explain to the creative agency what his goals are and then listen to the advice of the experts of what would work well and what the best options are.

For long-term ad campaigns, we offer a process optimization platform called Streameye that helps both for static and animated banners. On the other hand, manually created assets are the better solution for one-off campaigns because Streameye templates require some initial set up time. Each type of design has its pros and cons but it is also dependant on the project’s objectives and target.

Whatever the clients choose, however, they may be certain that Chromeye is a trusted partner because the company has accumulated solid expertise being part of the digital industry since 2004. We have been a part of many success stories, with Chromeye management always providing valuable advice on how to get from brief to delivery in a quick and efficient manner. Our teams of experts are driven and very well prepared for all challenges!

In what situations would you recommend to clients to use Streameye and when to use another approach?

We always recommend this valuable tool to clients who are very active in their online marketing activities and presence, to companies which process multiple promotions on daily basis in multiple countries worldwide. Streameye gives the clients the ability to generate their promotional content themselves and to update it dynamically within minutes. They also have a say on the UI and templates are being customized for their needs. Once the creatives, the galleries with assets and the html5 templates are built by our Studio then everything is ready for the launch of a campaign. Streameye is extremely helpful for large-scale projects because it is the ultimate resource- and time-saver for the clients and the Studio.

Venko, Sr. JavaScript developer:

“One of Streameye’s main benefits is that it allows the creation of dynamic feed which means that the client may change in near real-time the images and the information which he/she needs to display on the banners.

When developing the banners we use GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) which allows them to display information and also provides for catchy animations that work well on multiple platforms and web browsers.

The main benefits of our banners are the combination of dynamic information which can be changed with just one click through the Streameye platform, the attractive visualization and last but not least their small size. The banners are being developed in such a way that the clients may download the final product as html5 files as well as GIF files. This provides the clients with more options for their campaigns.”

Other approaches are more suitable for clients who need lesser amounts of ads and have tighter deadlines. For instance designing manually twenty static or animated banners from scratch for a one-time campaign saves time and financial resources – there is no coding involved at all or it is much less than when using Streameye, fewer specialists are involved in the project hence fewer man-hours are spent, it is quicker and once the banners are published and the campaign is over they are in the past. If the client does not wish to have a custom template which can be reused and its gallery updated constantly with various visuals and assets then it is better for him to save money, time and other resources by simply using the other services that Chromeye offers.

Chromeye offers also 3D design, what are the pros and cons of this type of design?

It all depends on how much time and financial resources the client is willing to invest. If a client can afford to use both 3D or 2D visuals and has to choose between the two options then the following advice may be taken into consideration:

Teddy, Sr. designer:

“3D design is highly customizable and can be tailored to the needs of a specific client. It also gives the option for multiple different angles or scenes. The cons here are that it can be very costly and is much more time to consume than 2D designs.”

We hope these insights will inspire your next ad campaign!

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