Managing successful creative projects for online campaigns

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Being a designated creative agency for many online active businesses worldwide, Chromeye has handled numerous massive ad campaigns throughout the years. Our teams have extensive experience and proven track record in planning, organising and successfully delivering creative production for large scaled projects and major significant events such as the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, Cheltenham & Grand National Horse Races, the NFL and soccer seasons, the Grand Slam & ATP tournaments, the AIBA World Boxing Championships, Brexit, and many others. And we want to share with you our experience in a nutshell checklist for every project manager out there looking for inspiration and help.


  • Identifying the significant pieces in the brief in order to start production. Communicating with stakeholders on daily basis to ensure new requirements fall into discussed deadlines and expectations are met.
  • Requesting all necessary materials from the clients – source files, images, tech specs, brand guidelines, etc.
  • Informing the clients of possible difficulties & providing ideas for solving the issues before they become a reality.
  • Budgeting
  • Analysing the project parameters and materials, precise planning & scheduling, assigning the tasks to the best suitable teams.
  • Discussing the tasks with the teams, brainstorming, providing feedback to the client
  • Working on master samples, providing the masters to the client, execute all requested changes
  • Producing the actual assets
  • Testing and QA of all deliverables
  • Delivering production pack
  • Following up with the client
  • Celebrating the great results and repeating!

Last, but not least, don’t forget that your most important mission as a good partner is the agile approach, the constant contact with the clients, the problem-solving skills, the precise planning and the constant strive to develop your clairvoyance abilities.

For us, in Chromeye, foreseeing problems and avoiding them before they become reality is our main strength. We are happy to have a very talented and driven team of designers, developers, project managers, 3D artists and business developers who spread out their creative potential and give life to major online ad campaigns which use numerous communication channels and consist of various advertising and information tools – landing pages, static and animated banners, HTML5 banners, emails, newsletters, the dynamic ads content platform Streameye, websites & microsites, etc.

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