The secret behind our successful motion designs

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Dear Readers, it is about time we share with you the good news – Chromeye’s motion design team has been expanding for some time. In the last months, we witnessed an increased demand for motion graphics among our Clients’ teams. In order to meet this new requisite, we increased our team of highly skilled designers and started exploring the field of animated designs further.

All this gave us a chance to work on many exciting and challenging projects, some of which we will present in this article. But first, allow us to briefly introduce you to the tireless honeybees working in our talented motion design team…

Svetla (Linkedin) is our team leader and she is skilled in various animation platforms.

Her right hand as of recently is Ivo (Creative Studio) who has extensive experience as an owner and art director of a creative studio and who decided to join our team as a senior motion designer.

Polia (Linkedin) and Ema (Linkedin) are the junior members of the team adding their skills in sketching and 3DS Max to our portfolio.

Teddy (Linkedin), who also heads our wider creative team of designers, is the expert in creating bespoke HTML5 ads and is responsible for the tuition of the rest of the team members. She is the brand keeper for many of our Clients as well.

Our motion design team’s field of expertise includes Blackmagic Fusion, Bouju, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, 3D Max, Adobe Animate.

Thanks to our Clients’ continuous trust and to the bright and inventive people listed above we were able to work on some very interesting and complex video designs aimed at various social, internal, and broadcasting platforms. 

One of our favorite creations is a short video for Twitch which we animated for Vodafone. The task was to use limited assets from a flattened and very simplistic PSD with very few elements from the game provided in order to create a motion graphic that completely resembled a real battle royale game. Svetla needed to create and animate not only the game character but also the game UI and bring to life the whole scene via numerous special and Fortnite-like effects. The fact that the Client needed the video for publishing the next day did not make things any easier. However, despite being pressured by time and the lack of any sources we had great fun working on this short ad.

Another complex project for our team lead was the video we made for Live-In-Guardians, the industry’s leading expert in vacant property security using an innovative and extremely successful method of property security that benefits everyone involved. The video is over a minute long and was aimed to be published on social media as an advertising and explanatory material. We had to start from scratch working without any source files – we had to create the storyboard, work in close collaboration with 2D artist and then animate the final drawings into a lively short movie presenting our Client’s goals and mission.  

For the last year, our junior designers had the chance to work on a series of short videos and HTML 5 banners for a partnering agency and their Clients BGE and An Post – one of the main gas and electricity suppliers and the state-owned provider of postal services in Ireland. We either worked with static images which needed to be brought to life or with source footage that needed additional animations of various effects and elements. They also produced a number of video ads for social media on behalf of Bauer Media and their multiple digital and print editions.  

In addition to the usual video tasks, our long-term Client PaddyPower Betfair also benefited from our motion design team’s expertise by requesting and receiving numerous tutorial videos aimed at familiarizing the customers with various apps and platforms as well as the internal Company’s teams with the latest achievements of the PPB Group. This line of work was so successful that it turned into monthly and bi-weekly editions.

We are happy that we have the opportunity to work with our Clients on some pleasantly challenging projects and we continue to expand and excel our motion design team, looking forward to the next exciting tasks. For the time being, we have been navigating the tricky waters of motion design under pressing deadlines well!

For further reference, our latest motion reel is uploaded here: