This is how we did it: Gosu mobile apps

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Dear Readers, we have the pleasure to present to you the lovely mobile apps we developed for our long-term partners from SSG.

Our client Spotlight Sports Group (SSG) is a global media and technology company specializing in sports betting content and data. SSG operates multiple B2C brands such as Racing Post, MyRacing, Soccerbase, Free Super Tips, Pickswise, and Fantasy Alarm.

Chromeye has been developing showcase microsites for some of the biggest sporting events for SSG for many years. SSG contacted us on behalf of their Korean subsidiary and invited our team to participate in a large-scale project for the development of two sites for Gosu for sports and racing: and Additionally, after successfully completing the website build project, our team was asked to develop the mobile applications too.

Our experts had the task to integrate external APIs to obtain data from the Glide CMS and from SSGs sports data providers (GSP & GRP) and one of the main difficulties was receiving the correct data from the providers.

The real challenge our developers faced, however, was the technology we were asked to use for the mobile applications. Chromeye’s development team had never used the needed technology stack but adjusted quickly and learned the necessary skills in due course to complete the project on time. The two mobile apps were developed in a little under 3 months.

The precise initial planning, adequate risk management and excellent organization skills of our team’s PM helped us overcome various roadblocks and the development of the websites and mobile apps was done on time.

The two sites were built using Next.js + React using Glide as a hybrid CMS – e.g. using the data via API. CMS configuration was also done by Chromeye. The two mobile applications were developed in React Native. The development team assigned for this project consisted of two primary senior developers with some contribution from another junior dev who was striving to expand his skillset. The build process adhered to the best industry practices with milestones for all stages of the project and ongoing quality control. All team members had full visibility over all aspects of the process and work went undisrupted and according to plan even if a team member was on leave during the long summer days.

SSG were delighted with the team’s work and shared that during an internal meeting someone quipped that it was very hard to find anything wrong during the testing process. Probably the most reliable appraisal of our work is the forthcoming planned release of Japanese versions of the Gosu apps.

Go team Chromeye!