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Dynamic Digital Ads

We design and develop dynamic digital ads with live feeds. The ads leverage on the capability of our own banner management platform Streameye, that supplies user created content to the ads. This enables marketers to produce promotion specific, targeted and localised ads within minutes.
Streameye integrates seamlessly with 3rd party feed providers, allowing for the ads to contain on the fly live content. New content is readily available across published placements around the world without the need of further involvement by the marketing team.
Our integrated solution of digital ads and Streameye is being used by key players in the online gaming industry, enables their marketing teams to be on top of their targets, while in the same time saving time and resource.

3D Visuals

We employ an inhouse team of dedicated 3D experts that have helped our clients rediscover their gaming visuals by modelling and rendering striking pack shots and compositions. CG is where innovation and imagination meet function. We are proud to have helped our partners transform their ideas and aspirations into captivating images that have in turn influenced their own target audience. 3D, being one of the most creative digital media today, allows us to produce each new asset with rejuvenated inspiration to help our clients impress. We would love to hear your ideas and transform them into spectacular visuals.

Web Assets

Having started the team back in 2008, we are proud to support some of the most active online businesses with their production of landing pages, microsites and responsive emails. Due to the accumulated experience in the past decade, witnessing how the media evolved and having produced many successful projects, we are able to pick up, analyse and deliver with some of the best turnaround times in the industry. Utilising the Agile process flow model, we are able to adapt quickly to changes of requirements, while keeping a strict eye on the deadlines put forward by our clients. Our team is always proactive in communication and would advise of most efficient approach to any given problem.

Corporate Identity

We start by analysing your idea and dig deep to understand the essence of your business. Once done, we mix strategy, design and technology to create your corporate identity to be both smart and impactful. Our approach makes brands emotionally intensive, differentiates them from their competition and drives sustainable growth. When we start working with you, our aim is to become your long-term partner, your advisor and your friend that helps you in your journey from day one.

Web Presence

In the vigorously changing web landscape of today, your digital presence is more important than even. A mobile first web site has become a necessity for any business. With this in mind, our web team of creatives, UI and front end developers has evolved considerably in the past few years. We are leveraging on the latest technology available to deliver future proof products. Our priority is to provide you with a solution that will be up to date in a foreseeable future – a challenge that we gladly take for every project that we do.

Video & Motion Design

The video’s ability to deliver emotion and personality, as well as excitement and motivation makes it the best medium for truly connecting with your target audience.

We believe that video should engage. That’s why we combine our expertise and passion with an analysis of your audience to create videos that reach out and inspire people to act. Our motion graphic designers will find the correct formula for the concrete business case and create a captivating animation for social media ad, animated infographic or video tutorial for your product to name a few.

Print and Prepress

Our dedicated print team is responsible for supplying print production to many international publications. We understand each client’s ideas and we can transform them into spectacular prints.

Our print team specializes in creating a unique stationary to reinforce your brand in your offline marketing channels. We are also proficient in prepress which can help you take an ATL campaign and leverage on the full potential of print media to extend your outreach. Our designers would take a digital design and produce a printed copy which is beautiful, crisp and accurate in color. Our high-quality standards and relentless dedication are reflected in our prints which we deliver in timely fashion to support your business.



Henry Wyer,
International Senior Creative Manger at Livescore Group

“Chromeye as an agency have a depth of creative and development experience in the their field and are able to provide quality work in a timely manner.”

Ritchie Stewart,
Studio Manager at Begame Group

“Chromeye are personable and easy to work with. They always respond promptly, and their services are great value for money. They have delivered a variety of design/tech services including banner art working and reprographics, website and front-end development, WordPress integration, email development plus an easy-to-use CMS platform that has allowed our CRM managers to output high quality customised CRM banners.”

Carolina Quirino,
Digital Project Manager at Folk Wunderman Thompson

“Over the last couple of years, we have worked with the team at Chromeye on everything from digital design to web development to video production and animation. Projects are always approached with enthusiasm, and with a focus to deliver on-time and within the agreed budget. I would highly recommend Chromeye.”

Nisha Ellis,
Campaigns Manager at Bauer Media Group

“Chromeeye have been an excellent asset to us over the past year in supporting with our new digital product launch. They are fast and efficient at completing our creative work and are able to be flexible with timing and last-minute requests, ensuring we’re able to launch on time. The designers do a great job, we especially liked the Black Friday campaign creative in 2021. Thank you!”

Martin Busch,
Head of Studio Paddy Power Betfair

“Paddy Power Betfair have been using Chromeye to provide creative design and front-end development services since February 2016 (Betfair from 2006), and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always meet deadlines, and offer the most competitive rates internationally.”

Gethin Evans,
Marketing Director (Digital), Racing Post

“I have worked with Chromeye with Betfair, Gamesys and the Racing Post Group over the last six years. We have worked together on countless creative briefs – from dynamic templates to bespoke campaigns and I am consistently impressed with their expertise and speed.”

Daniel Cardenas-Clark,
Product Manager of Triple Point

“Chromeye have been an invaluable partner to Triple Point, supporting our business on creative design and front-end development projects. We could not ask more from a service provider and have always been satisfied with the consistantly high standard of their work.”

Scott Walker,
Head of Design Sportsbet Australia

“Chromeye have been an excellent creative support for our business. Their skill, creativity and ability to turnaround briefs in a very quick fashion has improved the way we work. They’re excellent communicators and their attention to the detail ensures we are getting the highest quality of work.”

Aleksandra Popova,
Communications & Advertising Manager

“Chromeye is an excellent partner for our business which has always offered us personalized attitude, individual solutions, precise and quick execution. Working under pressure and in short terms does not affect the creativity of the team and the quality of the production. We rely on them for expert opinion on various business case studies and trust their professional knowledge.”