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Agile and Creative
Christmas Campaign

Client: CACI | Our Solution: The Agile Approach
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It was a cold winter morning, snowy flakes had decorated the windows of our office in Sofia, reminding us of the upcoming Christmas holidays. Suddenly, the phone rang with the promise of a new challenge. This is how the Christmas adventure around organizing a special travel campaign with our partner CACI started.

Our client in a nutshell

CACI is one of Chromeye’s trusted and long term partners. They offer an unrivalled range of data, marketing and IT solutions to a wide range of industries across both the public and private sectors. We had joined forces with CACI on multiple creative projects for clients like The Times, but this time we had the challenge to work with two other major clients operating in the business with luxury holiday destinations – Sovereign and Citalia.

The Challenge

Sovereign and Citalia needed to put together a massive ad campaign during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday. They needed hundreds of html5 banners designed from scratch, using different visuals and communicating different messages to the targeted audiences in a very tight timeline during the most busy period of the year – the Christmas holidays.   

Therefore, CACI wanted to entrust this major project to a creative studio that could accommodate such work and allocate skilled project management resources, motion designers with technical background and QA experts. CACI chose Chromeye and both companies worked hard in joint effort coordinating the project’s activities.

The Solution

To complete this project Chromeye had to prepare a very precise schedule and allocate significant resources while also being able to continue work for its other partners and clients maintaining highest quality as ever. The scope of the project also turned out to be larger than what was anticipated and the studio’s teams had to adopt a very flexible approach in order to meet the client’s needs.

In order to organize a successful campaign, our agency assigned expert project managers and motion designers to work on it. Precise planning was involved as well as agile approach and lots of swift brainstorming and detailed correspondence.

Our teams worked fast with focus on the goals and managed to deliver on time a beautiful and fully functional product. The client successfully published all banners on the designated ad platforms and even received source files and templates to use for tweaking the copy and other textual elements for future campaigns.

The client was very satisfied with the agile response from us as well as the well-managed work under the pressure of tight deadlines. They valued our expertise to such extent that they continued entrusting many of their projects to our team.

The Results

  • Timely delivery of few hundreds of HTML5 banners
  • Helping our partners in reaching their target audiences in the busiest time of the year
  • Creating numerous eye-catching visuals and animations
  • Assisting Citalia and Sovereign in their effort to develop the perfect Christmas ad campaign

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